Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Chess Week Ahead

I was already excited about the prospect of the 2008 Reykjavik Open starting next Monday, but then I found out I need to complete the second leg of the Icelandic Team Championships this weekend also. Too much chess all at once!

I feel honored to be included in the Reykjavik Open. It is a very strong tournament; probably the strongest average rating for an event that I will have ever played in. The rules state that foreigners over 2200 FIDE can compete, and Icelanders over 2000 FIDE. Well, at 2079 I don't quite qualify, but I would like to thank the organizer for allowing me to play. I guess since I do live here in Iceland and compete for an Icelandic club (Haukar) I am an honorary citizen of sorts.

The final round of the Icelandic Team Championships will be on Saturday, and I may face a very strong player as we will compete against the top team, and they fielded a GM on board 1 last October.

I hoped I might get to play a GM in the Reykjavik Open, but looking at the entries so far, it doesn't look promising. I am currently ranked 83rd out of 87 participants that have signed up so far. I guess I had better keep my goals modest; I'll aim for three points from 9.

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