Friday, January 18, 2008

My Chess Life

I am not sure I will be much of a blogger, but I have been thinking lately that it would at least be nice if my kids could one day read about some of the chess stories from my life. I am just a poor amateur player, but I love chess and have had some wonderful experiences because of chess. I can honestly say that chess has changed my life dramatically, and mostly in good ways.

Why 'knight_tour'? That is a web handle that I have used for years on a few sites, such as Mig Greengard's Daily Dirt chess blog, as well as some political forums. I guess I have gotten used to using it on the web; it has sort of turned into an alternate persona for me; I am not exactly the same person when I write on the web as I am in real life. I chose the term knight tour because I felt it illustrated who I am - a chess lover who travels the world. A 'knight tour' is a demonstration, made famous by George Koltanowski, in which a single knight on an empty board is moved such that it visits each of the 64 squares without ever hitting any square twice. Thus it is a good representation for me as I hop around this world.

So, I will use this space to tell stories, interesting ones I hope, from my past, as well as news of my ongoing chessic adventures. It is an odd day to begin a chess blog, though, since Bobby Fischer just died. He was by far the most legendary figure in chess history.

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